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I am so grateful that my daughter was able to connect with a tutor who really understands how to teach. She actually enjoys math now!
Monica S
What I really like about your service is that you didn't do my son's homework for him... You showed him how to solve it on his own, and to become an independent learner.
A. Turner
Thanks to your program, my son actually looks forward to his Math homework! Contacting Excel Tutoring is one of the smartest things I have ever done.
Robert N.
Alex helped my son achieve an A in his first year Physics course, and he's very flexible and fun to work with as well. We'll be back for Chemistry help next term. Thanks so much for being there!
J. Korchinski
Your tutoring program helped me a lot. Having someone explain math to me, one-on-one, was the best way for me to learn, and I caught on quickly
Chris P.

Our Tutors

Tutor Certification

All of our tutors are fully screened, trained and experienced

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Tutoring Strategies

All of our tutors follow Helen Gibson's Twelve Key Learning

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Tutoring Experience

All of our tutors are professional educators or experienced tutors,

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Our Commitment

We take exceptional pride in the quality of our tutoring team.

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Online Tutoring Subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Kindergarten/Middle School Level

    Grade: K - 8

    - Number Sense and Operations (General)

    - Algebra

    - Geometry

    - Measurement

    - Statistics and Probability

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  • Mathematics
  • High School Level

    Grade: 9 - 12

    - Algebra I (Number and Sense)

    - Algebra II (Algebra and Concepts)

    - Trigonometry

    - Geometry

    - Statistics and Probability

    - Functions

    - Calculus

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  • Mathematics 2
  • Grade: 9-12

    - Pre-Calculus

    - Calculus

    - Algebra I

    - Algebra II

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  • English Language Arts
  • Kindergarten/Middle School

    Grade: K - 8

    - Finding Main Idea

    - Recalling Facts and Details

    - Understanding Sequence

    - Recognizing Cause and Effect

    - Comparing and Contrasting

    - Making Predictions

    - Finding Word Meaning in Context

    - Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

    - Identifying Author's Purpose

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  • English Language
  • High School Level

    Grade: 9 - 12

    - Writing (Mechanics, Usage and Grammar)

    - Reading

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  • Preparation for Tests
  • Grade:

    - SAT: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics


    - GED

    - NYS REGENTS Exam.

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  • Science
  • Elementary / Middle School

    Grade: 3 - 8

    - We cover physical, Earth, space, and life sciences, and technology and society

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  • Social Studies
  • Elementary/Middle School

    Grade: 1-8

    - History, Geography, Cultures, Anthropology, Government, Citizenship, Civic and Sociology, Technology, Economicsand Chronology.

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